Beat writer, author Jack Kerouac hung his hat many times at Gunther’s sipping cocktails and writing one of his many novels. Often times dubbed the founder of the “beat” generation, Jack paved the way for articulate misfits to muddle their way through life.

Drink was a big part of Jack’s life, and he chose to spend his drinking time a Gunther’s.

Kerouac lived in Northport off and on during 1958-1964, shortly after making his name as a literary celebrity after the publication of “On the Road.” His intent was to live a quiet suburban life, yet being close enough to NYC. Similar to mere mortals, Jack’s intents did not come to fruition.

At various times, Pete Gunther, owner of Gunther’s Tap Room for over 50 years, has described Kerouac as a cold solitary individual to being a genuine “pain in the ass”. Kerouac’s legend as a Gunther regular lives on — come drink where Jack drank, sit where Jack sat and enjoy the atmosphere of a local’s bar.