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Gunther’s Regulars

We Have a Winner!

As everybody knows, Gunther’s was doing a fundraiser for Huntington Meals -On -Wheels — an organization that helps the seniors in our community less fortunate than us.

A $10 donation bought a raffle ticket for a $100 first prize  – all dollars go directly to MOWs.

Rob A. (Chevy) is the winner.  Besides being one of […]

My Eyes Are Bleeding!

Holy Shit! Someone grab me a tissue!

Another Saturday night and Chico showing off his chest hair.

Spring Lake Golf Report

Due to maintenance and whatnot, Rob H, Eddie and I teed off on the Thunderbird back nine, then for the front nine, we played the Sandpiper course. Thunderbird was in good shape as was the Sandpiper, minus the first hole which was played as a short par three instead of the usual long par […]

Robere Takes Eddie and Jani to the Woodshed

A valiant effort by Rob, clocking in at Pine Hills with a 95  — Eddie chimed in with a dismal and dreary 108 –  and me with a dull and disheartening 111.

Next time will be different.

Pine Hills is a really nice course though.

Damon “LIVE” at Gunthers Tap Room Northport, NY

Damon having a good time at Gunther’s — enjoying a little bar stool singing.

Big Stevie Groovin to The Johnny Mac Band @ Gunther’s

Johnny Mac Band rocks Gunther’s one recent Saturday night — the big man MOVE!

Where’s My Beer

Ritchie D found his beers after playing pool.

Kerouac Drank Here

Beat writer, author Jack Kerouac hung his hat many times at Gunther’s sipping cocktails and writing one of his many novels. Often times dubbed the founder of the “beat” generation, Jack paved the way for articulate misfits to muddle their way through life.

Drink was a big part of Jack’s life, and he chose to […]

Mets Game @ Citi Field

Pete Gunther, Jon Gunther, Bob Hagan and Jani at Citi Field to watch the Washington Capitols take on the Mets — Mets lost : – (

Light Reading @ Club G

Between drinks, Eddie’s brother decided to get a little quality reading time.