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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Memorial Weekend Events

Kicking of the Summer with some great sounds.

Kerouac Drank Here

Beat writer, author Jack Kerouac hung his hat many times at Gunther’s sipping cocktails and writing one of his many novels. Often times dubbed the founder of the “beat” generation, Jack paved the way for articulate misfits to muddle their way through life.

Drink was a big part of Jack’s life, and he chose to […]

Mets Game @ Citi Field

Pete Gunther, Jon Gunther, Bob Hagan and Jani at Citi Field to watch the Washington Capitols take on the Mets — Mets lost : – (

Light Reading @ Club G

Between drinks, Eddie’s brother decided to get a little quality reading time.

Gunther’s Bird-brains


People say that there are a bunch of bird-brains hangin’ around Gunther’s, but last week there really were some birds making roost on the Gunther’s sign.

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Why Are These Urinals So Lonely?

Because YOU are not here peeing in them!

I miss you when you aren’t here — time to get your ass down to Gunther’s, slug a few and have a good time,