The 22 outing was a huge success, thank you Bonnie for putting up with my antics, idiosyncrasies and shenanigans — thank YOU for all your help in making the Jani Outing a success.  Thank you Jewy (Park Lounge, King’s Park), Pete, Jon and Kelli (Gunther’s), too many to list by name, but thank you all for bringing food, beer or booze. Don’t miss next year’s Golf after party. — Bonnie always does a great job.

This year we had 30 golfers, low net winner was Brendon with a blistering 42 – high score went to NJ Big Mike’s son Eric with honorable mention to Brett.

A lot of people were wondering why I was stumbling around half delirious with a big oozing red welt above my left eye. Being part of the last group to tee off at the outing, things were moving along slow, the group behind us (not part of the Jani Outing) caught up to us on the seventh tee. Noticing two fine young pleasantly plump lassies sitting in their cart, smoking cigarettes, sipping on Bud Lights and talking amongst themselves in what appeared to me to be an Irish brogue, I approached them to say hello.

“Are you two lovely blossoming butterflies from Dublin?” I asked.

Without much animation, one picked up her Bud Light, took a long slow sip, took a deep drag from her cigarette, looked me directly in my eyes and said, “It’s FUCKING WALES you cretin blockhead!”

A little flustered, I apologized profusely and said, “ So sorry sweetie, are you two WHALES from Dublin?

That’s all I remember.