Heeeellllloooow — Love this time of year, days are cooler and nights are downright effing cold. After the Autumnal Equinox we experienced a few weeks ago, the Sun is moving to the outer edges of the ecliptic giving us shorter days, longer nights with the┬álucky mferss ┬áliving South of the Equator moving into spring and summer.

… But not @ G where we have some HOT bands to warm you up this Fall. Besides our mainstay bands like Bruno Brothers, Old School Classic Rock, FN Jammers, et al, there is one band I want to mention this month.

Magic Blue doesn’t get the love they deserve.

Ray and the rest of the gang do a stall worth job of filling in for us at G when shit happens and a band has to cancel. Saturday October 14th will be no different. LimeWire had to do a late cancel for me, and Magic Blue stepped up to fill the slot … but these guys are not only fill-ins, they do an excellent job of filling those shoes.

Come out and show Magic Blue some LOVE Saturday 10/14/23, let’s make it EPIC.

Thank you … much love.

See you at the bar.