Hi you guys — Well, September ended with a great Cow Harbor Day weekend — I hope you all had as much fun as I did. Saturday 10/17 with the Electric Dudes performing was epic — I didn’t go outside, barely had time to get my head out of the ice bin, but I heard the line to get into Gunther’s stretched halfway to Skipper’s.

Thank you for letting us at Gunther’s be a part of your life — really appreciated.

October looks to be another fun time. Open the month with the Bruno Brothers on Sat. night 10/1, then later on in the month we have Halloween weekend.

Friday 10/28, Old School Classic Rock makes. another appearance. — Love these guys, especially now that they have Paul Morris (Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow / Deep Purple fame) on keyboards. Class act, especially love their Deep Purple tunes and Jethro Tull covers — Aqualung is just sick — Scott wails the flute, don’t miss them!

Saturday 10/29 we continue our Halloween weekend party with the Surfcasters. The musicians are great, but Cait on vocals steals the show and is very easy on the eyes.

9:30 show time — Never a cover charge here at G

The fun never stops @ Gunther’s — See you at the bar —Thank you!